You don’t need a website by API Team

Review this data on why online business profiles or place pages are the fastest way to get new customers:


Mobile users are ready to buy by API Team

Google just released a study about consumers on their mobile phones. It turns out that if you really connect with a mobile customer that they will often take action within an hour! That’s right 55% of people who call, come in or buy something they researched on mobile will do it within an hour. The [...]


Overtime for Employees working special Holiday Hours by API Team

Special re-post from SBA.GOV concerning the laws of overtime pay for employees who might be working a little extra during the holiday season. For the original post click here. The holidays tend to complicate small business payrolls, what with employees looking to earn a little extra cash and owners needing coverage for extended hours or shifts. [...]


Happy Holidays from CityGrid by API Team

Tell us your new year’s resolution here!


Health Insurance for Small Business Employees by API Team

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) many small businesses are now obligated to provide health insurance to qualified employees or pay a fine. There are tax credits available to small businesses, so be sure to claim them if your business meets the criteria. Recently, the New York Times covered the stories of [...]


Small Businesses Holiday Shopping Goes Online by API Team

Check out this awesome infographic about how Online Small Businesses are poised to experience their best holiday season yet!


Make sure your business website is Mobile friendly by API Team

You want customers to find your business right? How do you think they are searching for the services you provide? Who are they asking for advice? When a potential customer hears your name, how do they find you? More and more, people are using their web-enabled phones to search for local businesses. In fact, one [...]


Multi-location? No problem! by API Team

Boost your search results by claiming all of the locations for your business. By claiming your page and completing your profile for every location, you help search engines and local directories know exactly when to display your information. This means that if someone is searching in the area of one of your locations, they are more probable [...]


Trade Services with other Merchants by API Team

Short on cash at the end of this year, but still need to get things done? Try trading services with other local merchants. Need some laundry done? Having a office Christmas Party? Need an update to your website? Why not call a fellow local business and see what you can exchange with them for those [...]


Thanks for participating in Small Business Saturday by API Team

Thank you to everyone who supported Small Business Saturday®. CityGrid had over 4000 merchants claim their business in the past few weeks during our participation in AMEX Small Business Saturday®. Yesterday was Small Business Saturday, a day that fuels local economies, supports small businesses and invigorates the economy. It was an incredible success, and that’s because of [...]